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Vulgaris Media exists for traditional, classical, and conservative people.

We want to publish and sell the work of traditional artists.

We want to provide literature and entertainment suitable for traditional people.

We want to provide literature and entertainment in traditional forms and styles.

As traditional religion is inseparable from traditional culture, we also aim to publish works suitable for and created by traditionally religious people.


Every decision taken by Vulgaris Media and its subsidiaries promises to support these aims. 

In individual cases, the applicability of these labels (traditional, classical, and conservative) is determined through the best judgment of the Head of Vulgaris Media.


The Academy of Inventive Literature exists for people who love classical literature, and whose minds and tongues are not bound to contemporary thought and language.

While Vulgaris Media may publish genre and popular works, Acad Lit focuses on fine literature that would be welcome to canonical creatives of the past, especially in the eras preceding (or persons opposing) the historical Bloomsbury Group.

We aim to develop writers with potential in fine literature, and provide them with a publishing outlet that honors, rather than disguises, their traditional loyalties. 

We aim to provide a community for the growth and fellowship of such writers.

We also aim to publish The Journal of Inventive Literature, a magazine emphasizing the literary "inventions" of fiction and of fictional poetry. The journal also emphasizes form and music in the poetry it publishes.

As of 2021, membership in the Academy of Inventive Literature is now granted upon acceptance for publication in any issue of the Journal of Inventive Literature.


Luster Pear is our secure Wix shop. 

Its purpose is to sell works created by, for, or with Vulgaris Media or Acad Lit.

It also aims to support the literary and entertainment work of Vulgaris and Acad by selling other items which might appeal to traditional, conservative, or classically-minded people.

Our aim is to sell only the following:

1. Traditional literature and entertainment, in digital and print form

2. Items whose beauty arises from the luster of all-natural materials

3. Items which might help people to live more natural and traditional lifestyles.