Who We Are


How to Participate

The Academy of Inventive Literature is a voluntary and informal consortium of devoted amateur writers. 

You can participate in the following ways:


  • by submitting traditional writing to the AJIL, our literary journal;

  • by submitting opinion essays on topics related to traditional and inventive literature to be published on this website

  • by joining a literary apprenticeship with abundant opportunities to be published

  • by entering our Delight In Life alt-schooling pro-life writing contest

  • by purchasing issues of the AJIJL and supporting traditional writers

  • by talking about us to your friends and family, online and in person

  • by donating any amount of money, large or small, to support our work

To send an opinion essay (which yields a publishing credit, but no payment) include it in an email to

Type WEB SUBMISSIONS in the subject line.

To participate in our free Poetry Challenges, visit the Editor's blog.

Why Should



Maybe you, like us, are tired of the "dark, edgy, ambiguous and disturbing" filter most literature seems to be passed through on its way to publication.


Like us, you may have heard the ancient call, "Let not your heart be troubled."


Perhaps you, too, are moved and interested by goodness, rather than bored by it.


We go through the world in search of delight.


We find it in the inventions of an uncorrupted imagination, presented in timeless literary forms. 


And though we know that we ourselves may never measure up to our own standards, we have determined that if we cannot be the Galahads of the Perfect Poem, we will at least be the Lancelots of it.


If this call meets with a like disposition in you, we suggest that the effort and time you spend with us will enrich rather than deplete you.


And we're pleased to make your acquaintance.