Future Publications



Coming soon: a semi-nostalgic "pulp" Adventure Story publication. Age Of Gold will not have an exactly traditional publishing format. It will appear in mini-issues of 2 to 4 stories a piece, as they become available to the editor. 


We will especially be publishing speculative fiction. 

Writers may begin submitting now. Email ajil.submissions@acadlit.org and type SUBMISSIONS AGE OF GOLD in the subject line. Payment and terms are the same as for The AJIL.

Remember, all Vulgaris Media publications look for work that reflects a Universe with a deeply good given nature; and that moves the reader toward a contemplation of goodness, even when evil is depicted. Please avoid postmodern ambiguity.

For Age Of Gold, we are especially looking for:

  • adventure and excitement

  • traditional structure

  • Beginning, rising action, midpoint, climax, falling action

  • definitive, authoritative endings

  • virtuous or virtue-seeking heroes 

  • archetypal characters

  • clever twists (Aristotelian reversals and recognitions)

  • vulgarity (meaning, what is commonly enjoyed by ordinary people)

  • above all, STRANGENESS.



Coming later, a humor publication that rejects politically correct restrictions, and is based on the understanding that the purpose of humor is to release shame, not to impose or deny it.

Writers may begin submitting now. Email your submission to ajil.submissions@acadlit.org and type HUMOR SUBMISSIONS in the subject line. Payment and terms are the same as for the AJIL.

All subject matter is fair play. Just make your story, poem, essay, cartoon, or nonce piece funny - and don't lead the reader to the contemplation or enjoyment of evil, as defined by the common morality of traditional cultures.

At Vulgaris Media, dark, edgy, and morose is NOT the new funny. Make us giggle, cavort, belly laugh, guffaw or at least smile - just don't leave a grimy film on the soul.

Issues of the AJIL

Issue 3: The Life of Books

Issue 4: The Life of Integrity

Issue 4: The Life of Children



(Covers In Progress)

I Think I Misplaced My Teenaged Rebellion


Two humorous stories of adult couples emerging from The Courtship movement

Knotted Hair Cover-03.png


Three opinionated and unpredictable teenaged heroines, undergoing and influencing strange events.

Knotted Hair Cover-02.png

The Body
in the Book Bay

by Alana K. Asby


Imagine a Star Trek future, except it's also an Idiocracy future.

Now imagine that, in a classic Aristotelian reversal, Harvard University is one of the last remaining bastions of normal intelligence.

Now imagine that Jon Jonson, a lazy non-compliant genius Harvard librarian with an honorary PhD in English Detective Literature, is invited to join a 10-year cruise on the Starboat Hurts.

Imagine that the Captain of the Hurts has, though decades of work, taught himself how to read; and now he wants intelligent companionship in a sea of idiots. Oh, and he wants Jon Jonson to teach his crew to be smart.

Now imagine there's a murder onboard - in the onboard library , to be exact - and Jon Jonson is horrified to discover that all the detective work is being left up to the maternal, overbearing, onboard Artificial Intelligence, Charlie.

That's the setup. Now the story begins...





No One Looks

Poems Out of Community


by Leah M. Sommers,

Isabel Chenot,

Alana K. Asby,

Albert Salsich,
Alena Casey,
Joshua Roberts,

and others

(to contribute to this book, 
please participate in our
poetry challenges)

The Pyromaniac

in the Zen Garden

Three weird and quirky tales of unusual people doing unusual things.

Knotted Hair Cover-04.png

That Knotted Hair,

That Wayward Brain

In the early 19th century, Joseph MacDonald's mother publishes a story about his imagined future self. Now the whole town thinks it's actually a prophecy about him - and the prophecy begins to come true, with Gothically disastrous effects.


This is a tale of two wives: one accused of witchcraft, and one whose laughter might save a man's soul.

Knotted Hair Cover-05.png