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Fleur Flourish

Book Submissions

Vulgaris Media will be publishing two books in 2022. Could one of them be yours?


Here's what we're looking for.

First, we've now accepted a book of formal poetry for 2022. If you submit a poetry book now, it will be considered for publication in 2023.


We are looking for literarily mature poetry. 100 to 200 related poems should be about the right size. Please note, it is important that this poetry is robustly imaginative, musical, and traditional. We are not looking for poetry that tries to disguise its formalism with undetectable or absent rhyme or alliteration, rhythm or meter. We are not looking for poetry that eschews poetic diction. We are not looking for poetry that is rhetorically plain and dull. We are not looking for poetry that is syntactically repetitive. We are not looking for poetry that fails to imagine anything more exciting than modern or postmodern mundanities. We are not looking for poetry that is uninformed by the tradition of the ages. We're looking for a love of the permanent things that expresses itself not only in content, but in form and in technique as well. We are looking for memorable poetry written to delight, through imagination and sound effect. We are looking for skillful and disciplined poetry that any imaginative person of ordinary intelligence can understand and enjoy. To submit a query and ten poem samples, please email Alana K. Asby (see footer for contact information.)

Second, we're looking for a novel-length adventure-romance story, suitable for a general (not literary) audience. We are not looking for postmodern ambiguity or too many quotidian details of daily life. We want to be shown something unusual, something that arouses wonder. We want a well-structured plot, we want interesting characters and situations that are unusual, and we want most of all a virtue-seeking hero that the reader can look up to and admire, while also identifying with.

What if you don't have one of these books? Can you still submit work? Yes.


First of all, you might make it onto our 2023 calendar with a different, polished manuscript. To query, please send three chapters or 10 poems, and a letter about your work and your enthusiasms. Please make sure your book is suitable for a traditional, conservative, and religion-friendly readership.


Secondly, you might qualify for one of our publishing apprenticeships. To apply, send a query and three samples.

Writing Apprenticeships

We only accept those we think have the right reading background and the right sort of talent to make it at Vulgaris Media. If you were homeschooled, if you are resistant to contemporary revolutionary movements, if you love things that normal people have always loved through history, and if you are a fan of the Inklings and related authors, you are probably the sort of writer we are looking to develop. You also need to have a good imagination, a good feeling for literary beauty, and appreciable verbal intelligence. When you apply, please try to demonstrate these qualities in your letter of self-introduction, and in a few included pieces of literary work.

Our apprenticeships are quite affordable, and result in guaranteed paid publication so long as you fulfill the terms.


In a book-writing apprenticeship, you pay $100 a month until you finish co-writing a novel-length story with a senior co-writer. You will be asked to read books, essays, articles, and samples as part of your apprenticeship, depending on what your editor thinks you need. The plot and characters of your book will be provided, but it will be up to you to flesh them out with details and bring them to life with conversation. You will go through several rounds of revision and editing with your co-author, in which you will be expected to respond to editorial feedback and requests for changes. When you have completed the third round of revisions, your apprenticeship will be finished. At that point, your co-author and your editor at Vulgaris Media will be responsible to polish up the book and ready it for publication. Your name will be printed on the cover as a co-author of the book. You will then be paid an advance on royalties, as well as generous ongoing royalties forever once you earn out your advance by sales of the book. We will promote your book and offer it for sale in our online store and at book fairs and conventions, along with all our other products and publications. You will have a traditional publishing credit to your name, and a highly practical training diploma on your wall. We will own the copyright to the book, including and derivative works. You will earn royalties on any such derivatives.

NOTE: We currently have one book-writing apprentice, so we have room for two more book apprentices.

In a poetry apprenticeship, you pay $50 dollars a month for 6 months. We prefer to run three apprenticeships at the same time. You will be given both reading and writing assignments, and you will practice analyzing and critiquing the poetry of other apprentices in a private forum. The poems you write and edit during the apprenticeship will be published together in a book with the poems of other poetry apprentices and senior poets in the organization. You will be awarded an advance and generous royalties, split between the poets whose work appears in the book. You will have an anthology book publishing credit, and a highly practical course diploma on your wall. You will own the copyright to your poems, but we will have perpetual publishing and distribution rights. During your apprenticeship, you may also have poems accepted for publication in The Author's Journal of Inventive Literature, which pays separately. Do make sure you are the sort of poet we are looking for before querying. If you publish conversational, realistic, mundane poetry that would fit in well with most contemporary poetry journals, you are not a good fit for us. We want to help prepare poets who are excited about old-fashioned, highly imaginative verse.

NOTE: We currently have one poetry apprentice, so we have room for two more poetry apprentices.

To submit a manuscript,
please email Emily Kinnor.


To inquire about our apprenticeships,
please email Alana K. Asby.

Periodical Submissions

We are working on putting together the first issues of our three genre magazines. Please send your poems, stories, and commentary now. You don't have to be a great writer to submit work here. You just need to have an original and exciting story idea, and be okay with selling us the copyright to your work, like in the golden age of short fiction. When we purchase the copyright, we can do whatever we want to the story forever, and you can no longer self-publish the story or sell it to be published elsewhere. We pay more for stories whose copyrights we are purchasing.


You may also retain copyright to your work if you wish, but we pay less and demand higher quality in such cases.

Mockingbird is a humor mag for politically incorrect humor. Merriment, jest, and poking fun is the order of the day.

Age of Gold is our Science Fiction mag that emulates the "vulgar" pulp science fiction of that art's Golden Age. The focus is on species, landscapes, and adventures that invoke wonder; virtue-seeking heroes; intellectual quandaries; and a connection to real and/or speculative science. This mag is meant to be friendly to Sci-fi's original audience; it will not attempt to be inclusive or critic-ready.

Hermes and Logres is our fantasy mag. It is unabashedly Inklings-inspired, but also inspired by ancient, medieval, and Romanticist literature of the imagination - and of course the folk legends, myths, and wonder-tales of Earth's culture. Again, we are looking for virtue-seeking heroes (though there is room here for sorrow over the human condition.) We are also looking for imaginative insight into the relations between pairs in tension: the two sexes, theology and poetry; miracle and magic; saints and sinners; God and the gods; Creation and degeneration; thinking and feeling. Most of all, this is a mag for lovers of beauty. Sear us with the beauty and truth of your Images, and you're in.

The Author's Journal of Inventive Literature is a fine literature journal published under the auspices of The Academy of Inventive Literature, our non-profit arm. Please visit the AJIL page for information on submissions to that journal.


For all three of of our genre mags, we pay $50 for your first accepted piece, $75 for your second, and $100 for all accepted pieces thereafter. We pay on acceptance. During the first year after publication, you earn royalties of 50% of sales of the issue your piece is published in, split between all contributors to the the issue your piece is published in. After the first year, you get a larger proportion of the royalties if some other contributors to your issue did not choose to sell their copyright; the total royalties to contributors remain 50%. If you sell us your copyright, we can do whatever we want with your piece forever. You earn 30% royalties of our net profit on all individual derivations, including translation, audio, and film.


If you do not sell us the copyright to your piece, we pay $30 for unpublished pieces upon acceptance, and the royalties for the first year are 50% of net profit on the issue your work is published in, split equally between all contributors to the issue your work is published in. We get exclusive English-language rights for 1 year from the date of publication, and non-exclusive worldwide printing and digital rights forever. After the first year, you get a smaller proportion of the royalties, when our rights go from exclusive to non-exclusive.

We do not publish previously-published pieces. We do not publish excerpts from larger works. We only publish in English. We do not publish translations, except translations of the translator's own foreign-language works.

We do not consider work to be previously published if it has appeared online but is no longer online or if it was previously self-published but had sales of less than 100 copies and is no longer available in digital or new printed book form. If another publisher paid you for rights to your piece, we cannot purchase the copyright to that work. Dishonesty on any of these points may lead to a lawsuit in small claims court or elsewhere.

Art Submissions

We are looking to take on a couple of staff artists. You need to be good at at least one art form, such as digital painting, drawing, or acrylic painting; and you must have  a complete grasp of shape and form, light and shadow, color theory, and realism. We are not looking for abstract, postmodern, or other non-traditional or experimental artists. To apply for this part-time contracting position, submit a portfolio and a letter about your enthusiasms to Emily Kinnor.