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Before Internet Comment Sections, people still carried on written discussions and debates. The format was more formal; essays and responses would be published in serial publications or in the journals of relevant organizations. 

Our "Articles" page is meant to encompass the best of both worlds. Rather than firing off a comment, participants are encouraged to research their essay and write carefully. However, once you submit it, it is likely to appear on the site quickly. 

To participate, please email your 100 to 10,000 word essay to and type WEB SUBMISSIONS in the subject line.

By doing so, you give us permission to publish your essay on the page linked below, entitled "Previously Unpublished." These essays will be visible to the public and will therefore constitute an official publishing credit. However, we do not pay for this work. If your essay is published here, your name will be prominently displayed (unless you submit anonymously;) other members are encouraged to submit response essays.

If you want to recommend a previously-published discursive work relating to inventive literature, especially one in the public domain, please email a link or a copy of the essay, book or article to the editor at You may also email the editor to suggest further questions about inventive literature for Discourse or for an editorial.

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