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Coming Soon

A novel-length adventure

Abby D. Jones
Alana K. Asby

George "Sul" Sullivan is a bounty hunter with a magical stone for a heart.

Unfeeling and efficient, he nevertheless saves the life of Psyche Kyteler, a gunmaker who was assaulted, staked out, and trapped on a deserted ranch. Psyche and Sul take on their mutual enemies together in a desperate stand. Then they part, Sul leaving his stoneheart with Psyche to keep her trauma at bay.


Unbeknownst to Sul, Psyche is pregnant with a magical child, the result of her assault. During the years they spend apart, she raises her beloved daughter and yearns for the man who cannot feel for her as she feels for him.


Meanwhile, Sul increasingly acts out the guilt and despair he tried to escape by taking the stoneheart. At last, in desperation, he takes a final job that brings him back into Psyche's life. But far from easing his torment, this job confronts him with an impossible choice between honor and salvation.

Abby D. Jones lives in Texas with her husband and several oak trees surrounded by her thirteen loud nieces and nephews. She happily tends her hearth and home while studying modern military history and JRR Tolkien's works, and researching serial killers. A homeschooled tomboy and horse girl who loves guns, she has been telling herself stories since she was six. You can find her alter ego over at

Alana K. Asby grew up frolicking amongst the sweet clover and elephantine snows of rural Wisconsin. She now lives in Indiana with her husband and three children. She published The Author's Journal of Inventive Literature and enjoys spinning theories about traditional poetry and the feminine archetypes of storytelling.

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