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an unconventional publisher
with traditional values


"Common; ordinary; of the masses."

"Vulgarity [as a literary virtue] is the willingness to sacrifice style and polish to a purpose, that purpose being the conveying of a kind of wonder and excitement that could not be made to exist in any other way."


- Frederick Pohl

"I love the vulgar and simple as dearly as the noble; and nothing moves my heart (beyond all the passions and heartbreaks of the world) so much as 'ennoblement' (from The Ugly Duckling to Frodo)."


- J. R. R. Tolkien


"Let no man deceive himself; if by vulgarity we mean coarseness of speech, rowdiness of behavior, gossip, horseplay, and some heavy drinking, vulgarity there always was wherever there was joy, wherever there was faith in the gods.

And as creed and mythology produce this gross and vigorous life, so in its turn this gross and vigorous life will always produce creed and mythology."


-G. K. Chesterton

"A certain portion of this divine spirit is visible even in the lower examples of all the true men; it is, indeed, perhaps, the clearest test of their belonging to the true and great group, that they are continually touching what to the multitude appear vulgarities."


- John Ruskin


"We can find truth merely by referring to vulgar literature - its unfailing fountain."


-G. K. Chesterton

"It is essential that we should first be well steeped in the 'homeliness', the frivolity, even (in its best sense) the vulgarity of the Hobbits; these unambitious folk, peaceable yet almost anarchical, with faces 'good natured rather than beautiful' and 'mouths apt to laughter and eating', who treat smoking as an art and like books which tell them what they already know."


- C. S. Lewis

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