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What Vulgaris Media is For

Vulgaris Media is a dream.

Let me explain. The problem with publishing is that meritorious writing is no longer enough. Potential authors are now vetted for ideological compliance.


Vulgaris Media is meant to be a publishing company where that hurdle is removed. A place where conservative and traditionalist writers of talent can be considered for publication without fear.

With the publication of our flagship novel, Stoneheart, I find I can no longer bootstrap this company on my own. I would like to find helpers, financial backers big and small, who will contribute to the dream.

Money donated will go toward the extraordinary costs associated with publication, including printing, marketing, and graphic design. Larger donations will go toward development of new authors and illustrators and of a relationship with a distributor.

For all the books, authors, and illustrators waiting to be published, please consider supporting this dream.

I am currently accepting donations on Venmo @vulgarismedia and via the form below. Thank you for your consideration.

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