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The game CALLIOPE COURT has such a fun origin story. One of our authors needed a way to bust up writer's block. He also needed a way to get his friends into The Story Game. They would hem and haw, get all red in the face, and then give up, claiming they didn't know what to say.


Early versions were quite different from today's game! Our author printed out several versions of these weird abstract symbols, and put his favorites into a binder. Players would roll a die to see which page they should open. Then they would roll another die to pick a symbol from that page.


But it worked! People loved the weird, hieroglyphic symbols. Instead of having nothing to say, our author's friends were now saying things like, "This looks like a coiled spring. But I'm going to use 'spring' in a different way. The clever merchant approaches The Mountain of Thirst and tells them that he knows the location of a hidden spring. All the town leaders follow him into the wilderness, while his daughter sneaks into their offices and searches for incriminating evidence."


With a success like that on his hands, our author just needed a brave small business to sponsor his idea. He knew he had a problem when a party guest got a paper cut from his awesome game. He wanted to get rid of the clumsy binders, and put his weird intuitive symbols right on the dice. 


Since Luster Pear focuses on products made using natural materials, we settled on laser-etched wooden dice in cotton drawstring bags. In this version of the game, you only roll once per turn. You plunge your hand into the bag, and roll whichever of the dice you pull out.


Our customers have found so many ways to use this game. Some use it to inspire or randomize actions in games like D&D (as if we need more dice on that table, am I right?) You can even tell fortunes with these chunky wood beauties. You just set your intentions and parameters, and interpret the symbols accordingly. And there are multiple versions of the story game rules. Your shipment comes with instructions for varying game-play.


So go ahead and court the muse with CALLIOPE COURT! This game is popular with Intuitives, storytellers, D&D enthusiasts, people who like cooperative games, creatives, people who like party games, fortune-tellers, and anyone who values the subtle luster of natural materials.


Best of all, you won't find this version of The Story Game anywhere else. It's indie-designed, all-natural, and laser-carved on large wood dice. And unlike other games, it never gets old. These weird, totally abstract symbols suggest completely different meanings each time.


Can you believe it's selling for only $12 plus shipping?

Calliope Court: A Story Game

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