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It's Poetry like they used to make it. It's skillful, inventive, and beautiful. And most of it rhymes!


Sample poem excerpts (not complete poems):


From "Lady Natura"


If I had understood a thing

my nature ever told to me,

I might have had the gall to fling

the resignation sold to me

into the furnace smoldering

in glint of quartz, in dint of violet,

in whim of peacock’s tail and glim of rock when it is wet.




What burns in nature’s viviance

how well I know, how well I know –

when inarticulate I dance

the breathy sailing of the snow,

or tilt to breast the flown expanse

of nature’s mirror with my nature’s own!

To falseness this has made me false, to truth made true alone.


From "The World Ship, after Emily Dickenson"


A life unsought I’d now repay

to buy a World-Ship’s berth;

to lie then swinging night and day

in hammock small – called Earth;


As all the other worlds sail through

unsurfaced seas of ink,

to watch with telescopic view

the brightest rise and sink;




This download comes in a PDF Format, 5 by 7 page size, 15 point font, suitable for most ereaders, handphones, and computers. Email for help if you need a different size or ebook format at no extra charge. We can also perfect-bind this book on demand.

Let Beauty Wake: Poems After a Century's Slumber

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